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Pet Behavior Consultaions & Partner for Life Dog Training (PBC&PLDT). the first veterinary clinic dedicated solely to behavior problems in companion animals, launches their web

Lexington, Massachusetts, April 1, 2014---Dr. Amy Marder and Pet Behavior Consultaions & Partner for Life Dog Training has been helping people and their pets with behavior problems for over 25 years. Thousands of dogs and cats with problems such as aggression, anxiety, and house soiling have been saved, their owners given a welcomed alternative to giving their companions up or putting them to sleep.

According to Dr. Marder: "An animal's behavior can determine the success of a human- animal relationship. When an animal's behavior fits in, the relationship is healthy. But when an animal begins to do something that is a problem, it becomes stressed. Our programs teach owners to both understand and modify their pet's behavior. As a result the human-animal bond is preserved and the relationship improved."

Now through the Internet, the doctors at PBC&PLDT are able to expand their services to every pet owner on-line. This way they can reach many more owners, distressed by their pet's behaviors, and help to keep many more animals in their homes. Working closely with an owner's veterinarian, PBC&PLDT'S veterinary behavior consultants utilize the same techniques that they do in the office. The first part of every consultation is the collection of a thorough behavioral and medical history. Each owner is asked to fill out an extensive behavioral history form and fax or send their pet's medical records. A behavioral consultant then provides the owner with a diagnosis and explanation of the problem, a personalized treatment plan and handouts to help the owner implement the program. The owner's veterinarian is sent a copy of the treatment plan and contacted if drug therapy is advised. Follow-ups for clients are offered on-line or by phone for 3 months.

PBC&PLDT also offers the same behavioral services by Fax and by Phone. For more information call (781) 862-5060 or e-mail us at