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We follow the same procedures by web as we do in our offices. The first part of every consultation is obtaining a thorough behavioral and medical history. You will be given access to our detailed behavioral history form online. If possible, we would like your dog's medical records to be either faxed or sent to us. Shortly after you complete the behavioral history form one of our veterinary behaviorists will provide you with: a diagnosis and explanation of your dog's behavior problem, a personalized treatment plan, and handouts to help you implement the program. If drug therapy is recommended we will be contacting your veterinarian to prescribe the specific medication. Photographs or a 10-15 minutes videotape of your dog's misbehavior in action are helpful (but not required). Follow-ups are done either on-line, or by phone.

The fee is $350 (U.S.). This covers the entire program and follow-up for 3 months.

IMPORTANT: To help us best understand your dog's behavior problem, please read the behavior history form carefully and answer all questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

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